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Tim is awesome. Don’t call anyone else. Service was explained very well, done with professionalism, quickly and left everything very clean. I would definitely recommend this company.

ALL IN Productions Avatar ALL IN Productions
November 16, 2021

There were 131 5-star reviews before me, and I'm happy to be the 132nd. Tim at Drains Inc is absolutely incredible to work with. He responded to a clogged drain situation that I was having and couldn't fix myself. He came to my house at the exact time he said he would and was remarkably friendly and easy to talk to. He went straight to work and identified why I had been having problems quickly (I have an old house and I have a drum trap instead of a p-trap). When he identified that, he was a little concerned that the solution might not be as easy as initially thought. However, he kept at it, and really seemed invested in making sure that I could fix the issue in a cost-effective manner. When he was able to access the blockage using traditional methods, I think he was as stoked as I was! We chatted a bit while he put his tools away and he gave me an idea of what to expect moving forward with my drain. His mantra is "maintenance, maintenance, maintenance" and I appreciated him telling me that. Overall, my experience with Tim and Drains Incorporated couldn't possibly have gone any better. Thank you so much!

Brian Wischnia Avatar Brian Wischnia
May 24, 2023

I had Drains Inc. perform two projects. The first was to replace a old clay sewer line from the house to the septic tank that had broken. The second was to hydro plug a septic line and abandon a pit that was a remnant of a old 1950s era septic system. Both jobs were done quickly and at a reasonable price. Tim the owner is very responsive, & knowledgeable. When a small issue arose from some concrete settling while curing Tim took care of it as soon as the weather allowed. This speaks to his desire to make sure his clients are satisfied with the quality of work. I would highly recommend his services.

K Dub Avatar K Dub
December 20, 2019

Tim at Drains, Inc. went above and beyond to help us when we had a plumbing crisis. He came after hours to clear the sewer drain and then followed up with a scheduled appointment to repair the line. He and his team worked efficiently to make the repair. We are very grateful for his quick response and great work.

Jean K Avatar Jean K
December 21, 2022

Sewer maintenance & Repair

Sewer maintenance, cleaning, and repair services

Drains Inc recommend having your drainage system and sewer power rodded and cleaned every year due to the unforeseen build up or blockages that can occur with no warning. The sewer service line from your house generally does not fail at once. The condition that ultimately leads to a problem occurs over a long period of time.

Maintenance services to prevent the deterioration process

Tree roots can get into the pipe through the cracks and joints, creating obstructions. The roots will create stress on the pipe making it deteriorate. Groundwater will enter through the cracks and over time groundwater will enter as the pipe continues to deteriorate. The groundwater could overload the entire sewer system resulting in sewer backups. Deterioration of sewer pipes includes settling that create sags that can trap solid materials, cracking of the pipe itself and pipe joints that soon begin to leak.